Streaming Netflix To The Xbox 360

We were just as excited as anyone when we heard about Roku’s Linux based Netflix Player, but not being ones to spend money on hardware, even $99, we’d much rather use something that’s laying around that’s not living up to its full potential. Lifehacker has a guide for using vmcNetflix to stream Watch Instantly movies to the Xbox 360. vmcNetflix is a Media Center plugin. When the 360 was originally released, you could only get Media Center by buying a new PC, now it’s included with Vista, meaning people might actually use it.

4 thoughts on “Streaming Netflix To The Xbox 360

  1. Netflix is great, Instant Watching is awesome, but wait…IW doesn’t work in Linux. How can the Roku by running Linux?

    From what I understand, IW requires Internet Explorer, ActiveX and DirectX. Please, someone, correct me if this is not the case, but I understand people haven’t even got IW working under Wine in Linux.

  2. @carlton:
    The Roku is a hardware box made to connect directly to the TV. Being linux based mainly means it runs off Linux. Sorta like Tivo, I guess.

    You could probably use it to stream videos to Linux since it supports RCA, S-Video, component, and HDMI cables. You just have to have the ability to view TV input.

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