PS3 Hacked For Backups?

The video above supposedly shows a Playstation 3 booting a game from the hard drive by booting a legitimate game from disc. There aren’t many other details besides a comment that backing up Blu-ray discs takes a lot of space. So, if this does actually work, it’s doubtful we’ll see much piracy because of it.

[via PS3Scene]

27 thoughts on “PS3 Hacked For Backups?

  1. Reminds me of when I used to use HDloader to boot games and get around the region protection. I could see this as potentially useful for those who used Winhiip to switch ISOs in and out of the hard drive, but this could also be a fake.

  2. its not clicking, the sownd is from the autofocus of the camera, it must be broken to make that noise, but u can tell its from the focus by looking at the top left corner and see that everytime you hear the “clicking” its trying to focus the image…

  3. of course it’s genuine, hackaday wouldn’t post things that weren’t actually hacks…

    Even if it is legit, it doesn’t matter. Sony did the PS3 right, they made it not worth hacking by making it region free and allowing linux to run on it out of the box. The two legitimate reasons given for hacking a console are already defeated leaving piracy the only reason to hack it. Pirates generally copy or slightly modify hackers work, and since the hackers aren’t working hard on it, no piracy.

    It would be nice to see the entire system opened up to linux as opposed to the relatively limited power it’s given, but I doubt hardcore hackers have enough interest to hack it all the way open.

  4. Jason – “Leaving piracy the only reason to hack it.”
    Based on what? Incorrect assumption, i.e. linux can’t access the GPU natively, that alone could give someone reason to hack around it.

  5. I second 36chambers comment. Those scratches do shit tons more damage then they did on the measly cd based games of the nineties…Used to be able to scratch those things to kingdom come back in those days, now with all that data compressed onto the same area, even minut dust scratches can prevent readablity of gigs worth of data.

  6. aaaaand nobody cares. There are a grand-total of 5 games that I would want on the PS3.

    Now, I would buy it for it’s Blu-Ray capabilities… If I had any reason to do so. I have a media-server that connects to my Popcorn Hour–so I don’t even need physical media anymore. So nice to never have to switch out discs anymore.

  7. Um… I just noticed something, Where in the video does it show a game launching from the HDD?

    All I see is a guy in warhawk (which can play off the HDD via PSN) who drops back to the XMB and launches an actual disk. I could easily make the same video, no hacks required…

    Someone wanna clear that up for me?

  8. Lol I can do that too. Put the Warhawk disk in. Load up to the lobby, eject the disk while in the lobby, put in the Motorstorm Disk, then it looks like you are playing Warhawk but have Motorstorm in. Not that hard to do.

  9. Yea as someone else stated this is BS its just Warhawk doesn’t need the disc much once its loaded and he took out the Warhawk disc and put in Motorstorm. If he showed himself playing warhawk the Motorstorm disc was in and its not in his game list then that would be different.

  10. ps3 is garbage, hackers are really not interested in it, xbox won this gen and its easier to hack, by the time they hacked the ps3, the next gen of consoles will be out…..

    just get a xbox…more games, better online, and backups…nuff said

    there is only 5 games i like on ps3 gt5, infamous, uncharted, metal gear, and resistance…

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