GP3X To Be Released In October

You should be able to get your hands on your Wiz as soon as October. The Wiz, also known as the GP3X is the highly anticipated follow up to the GP2X, a handheld game system that runs linux. Sporting a 533 MHz ARM processor, 64 MB of RAM, a 2.8 inch OLED display, 5 hour battery life, and 16 GB of storage, its a heck of a deal. Where else can you get a portable with those specs, bundled with Flash player 7, DivX, Xvid, and MPEG playback for $179?

These units are supposed to be as hackable as the previous version. We’ve seen GPS and USB ports added as well as qtopia and Windows 95 run on them.

Correction: the 16GB of storage on the Engadget site is a typo. This unit comes with 1GB.

[via Engadget]

9 thoughts on “GP3X To Be Released In October

  1. OK, but have you covered the Pandora??

    600mhz stock ARM 8 processor, Overclocks to 800-900mhz.

    128mb of DDR

    Qwerty keyboard

    powervr SGX graphics

    Wifi and Bluetooth

    Dual analog controls.

    800×480 touchscreen

    The build quality and design of the GP2X was poor (I owned a few, just to see if the redesigns helped, they didn’t).

    This new version will be nearly the same crap. GPH is a crap korean company (not that all korean companies are crap, Hyundai is making a good korean product.)

    Still no USB host built in, which the Pandora does have.

  2. i hope the OS is alot smoother on these. the gp2x is pretty buggy and it hangs on a blank screen while whatever’s being loaded. oh and N64 emu support would be nice.

    pandora would be cool too but until a price drop i’ll stick with the gpx line.

  3. I almost bought a GP2X when I heard about it, but it seems the manufacturers lacked much interest or participation in the development. I may be wrong, but that’s the feeling I got, and it seemed almost too ‘as-is’.

  4. Wiz? I mean come on, when I hear that word I think urine, processed cheese product or defunct electronics chain looted by the owners.
    Somebody can beat that name, I nominate Mini Gp2x

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