MySpace Cofounder Tom Anderson Former Hacker

MySpace users are very familiar with the visage of their first “friend” and MySpace cofounder [Tom Anderson], but did you ever wonder what he used to do before he became everyone’s friend? TechCrunch’s investigative reporting revealed that [Tom] was a hacker in the eighties who hacked into the Chase Manhattan Bank computer system, which attracted the attention of the FBI. Under the handle “Lord Flathead”, he became the leader of a black hat hacker group by the time he was fourteen. His activities (along with those of other hackers) led to one of the largest FBI raids in California history. Because he was a minor at the time, he was not arrested, but put on probation in exchange for an agreement to stop committing computer crimes. This definitely makes having [Tom Anderson] on your friends list just a bit more interesting, doesn’t it?

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35 thoughts on “MySpace Cofounder Tom Anderson Former Hacker

  1. i read somewhere once that toms pic wasnt of tom, it was actually some kid from toms school that got arrested for hacking.
    now we find that Tom IS a hacker.
    and rich, and made a lousy web site…. only in america

  2. why hate on tom for creating myspace? sure, you can call him a “sellout” and talk about how the site is full of glitches and vulnerabilities, but, the fact of the matter is he came up with a good idea and marketed it correctly. now he’s rich. i’m sure each of you guys would pass up the opportunity to make triple-digit millions if given the opportunity right? ;)

  3. He sure is a hacker! he hacked together the giant WTF that is MySpace. it is rumoured that those who have seen the source behind myspace have gone blind and those whose sight wasn’t affected went insane shortly after.

    if myspace is an example of his skill, he isn’t a hacker, but a skill-less hack.

  4. Anyone else notice the Picture is dated back to 2007′ last time he logged in? Idk, but if i was tom a founder of myspace i think id be loged in everyday, or this news story is a little fishy?

    =O If you add him to your friends and comment all his photo’s you can jump into the matrix.

  5. suddenly it makes sense why myspace gets hacked so often. another interesting blast from the past is a site called hackaday where hackers from round the world came to see what awesome hacks people had done. it seems that site is dead now and has been replaced with a lame news and useless fact site.

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