16 thoughts on “HTC Dream Android Phone

  1. personally, I find the design to be rather boring. It just feels so vanilla 90s. That, and the weird ass angle the home/call/end button pad cants off to. Wouldn’t it have been just fine flat?

  2. oh well… i really was waiting for the android to become non-virtual… and the news about htc making the hardware – wow, the gods of design! yes.

    but what the f*** is this? looks like a nintendo design from mid 80’s.


  3. I have seen YouTube videos now, and I guess this really is the phone. It just seems so weird that if they can hack Android to run on pretty much any of HTC’s beautiful phones that they’d decide to launch the new OS on this ugly thing. This might be a sly way for Google to run a public beta test of Android… thinking that by making it ugly they’ll get a small geek/tech audience to test it out for them!

  4. i will be the first to have one….assuming its real. sept 17th is the alleged release date for the $150.00 promo

    i confirmed this at 2 phone stores that deal with all carriers, but my t-mobile store was surprisingly ignorant of any and all details regarding this phone.

    the t-mobile site as of 3 minutes ago had not 1 reference to the phone and i used the search feature for the words ‘android’ and ‘google’ and the only htc reference was the HTC Canary.

    the ‘scoop’, t-mobiles retarded e-zine, is only released up to the august issue, so no news there.

    so guys and gals, while i hope to be using this on sept 18th, it is doubtful.

    and i agree its plain vanilla design if it is real, but im not a fashion phone guy, im a guy who makes calls.

  5. yeah everything youve heard about pre sale is a lie the 23 is the unveiling and then and only then will anyone know the dates. i like the way it looks kind of like an older telephone youve got to have change to have progress and i think they covered that in all aspects. oh yeah it makes you want to cream your pants in black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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