Buy An Eee Box And Get A Free Virus

Some of the Eee Box PCs have been shipped with viruses on board and ready to go. The virus was sitting on the D: drive, labeled as recycled.exe. As soon as that drive is opened, the virus is unleashed on the other drives and removable media attached. Strangely, Microsoft has come to the rescue as their Malicious Software Removal Tool detects it and removes it. This was only on some models, and apparently mostly in Japan.

Before you denounce ASUS for this oversight keep in mind that they make things that we really want, such as the touch screen Eee PC promised in 2009.

[via Gizmodo]

22 thoughts on “Buy An Eee Box And Get A Free Virus

  1. Not really denouncing Asus, but damn, those guys REALLY need to get their shit together.

    I’ve been hearing reports about internal documents ending up on driver CD’s and viruses on motherboard install CD’s and whatnot. This is not the first time this has happened.

  2. yet another reason that autorun is the stupidest idea ever. Turn it off, then use right-click -> open to open drives. Stupid crap.

    (I use autorun.inf to put an icon on my drives, I wonder if this would overwrite that and give me a big clue if I got this virus.)

  3. @ chris,

    I just got my eee 1000h, and with the small screen, this is much better:

    it’s meant for the small screen, but the desktop has the same hardware, so everything would work right away.

    ps, it does not make it run faster, although it is nice when XP decides to randomly break itself…..again….

  4. I for one don’t really want a touch screen Eee. I thought I sorta did when the Eee first came out and there didn’t seem to be much alternative, but now I have a Fujitsu U810. Smaller, faster than the first Eees, better battery life, a touch screen that flips to turn it into a tablet PC…

    Okay, this is a bit off topic, but more people who have fallen for the Eee hysteria should look into the Fujitsu.

  5. i’ll bet if someone took a serious look at how asus employees are being treated, it might explain a few things. there really is no other explanation, the level of incompetence required for this kind of thing to occur over and over again is well, hard to imagine.

  6. @to all

    What happens as a result of out-sourcing. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing but both want to market on time to grab attention from investors.


    Does that Ubuntu setup have touchscreen? For max speed, download the full kernel source Next copy the config file in the boot directory into the /usr/src directory pointing to the Rename config file to .config. to a make xconfig and then tell the kernel your exact pc model…disable smp if you running single core. And most inmportant…there is some kind of timer setting that really should be set for 1,000hz. Rebuild kernel and modules. You have speed and power.

  7. I don’t know why the hell anyone would want a touch screen PC. I’ve spent the last 10+ years trying to keep people from touching the goddamn screen, why are companies trying to undermine all of that work?

  8. @vbrtrmn

    ATT got hit big time with this touchscreen scam. They roughly have ten of thousand of the new HP touchscreen notebooks. The users using them are sales people trying to show client ads before production. All the complaints came from the small screen with the little tiny buttons. Worse of all, they are running Oracle databases which are constantly updating to run on those sorry hard drives. Did I mention they run Vista? Israel Amdocs (spys) won the bid to implement that crap.

  9. I have a PC game CD, came out early 90’s that has the Garcia virus on it. It is worth almost $5k USD to collectors. Can you imagine how much a PC preloaded with a virus would be worth in 10 years. I’d say 1/4 million USD, easy. Especially if it’s never taken out of the box, except to be scanned.

  10. @ BABY

    whats the Garcia virus?

    and why the hell would someone bye a Virus….

    hell if you want me to i sell all my virused

    ( assumeing i wont have them once you buy them )

    yay aids!

  11. @ BABY

    whats the Garcia virus?

    and why the hell would someone bye a Virus….

    hell if you want me to i sell all my virused

    ( assumeing i wont have them once you buy them )

    When i google “what is the Garcia virus ” i get nothing good…. all fake and not really what im looking for… mind explain

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