Fender Bender, Weird Sound Guitar

[danwagoner] recently completed a restoration of his very first electric guitar. Instead of going the normal route, he modded it to be a Weird Sound Generator. The WSG is a popular kit sold by Music From Outer Space. His creation, dubbed Fender Bender, has a custom pick guard cut from an old motherboard. There are multiple knobs on the pick guard plus three buttons on the neck.

9 thoughts on “Fender Bender, Weird Sound Guitar

  1. Very cool, love the look and the idea of using a guitar body/pickguard for a wsg. The layout looks like it could be improved upon, though — a wsg has the rows, but it’s a front-on panel interface — I dunno how comfortable this one would be to “play” when being held as a guitar, I might have made the rows staggered, or even zig-zag each voice’s set of knobs — keep each voice sectioned separately, but still have the ability to access the entire voice without moving more than your wrist. Great idea, in all, and I suspect that it works for him — I might just end up doing this one, but tweak the layout more to my liking. Good post! :p

    side topic: is there a reason the read links went the way of the dodo? It’s not a big deal, but it was nice to have a single place to read the “main” article. :p

  2. Love the mobo pickguard.. I need a new pickguard for my PG380, so perhaps this design would fit. Fortunately, since the PG380 has a built in synth, I wouldn’t need to eliminate the strings just to add a WNG type device.. Just pull out the synth components and wire in something unique.

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