-hard PlAYer- 8 Bit Tunes Hardware Player


For people who miss the golden age of Atari music, you can recreate the magic of 8 bit music with the -hard plAYer-. [Tolaemon] put a lot of thought and work into this hardware player. From the AY-38912 programmable sound generator, which used to be in old computers like the Atari or Colour Genie, to working with the YM file format, each piece is put together with the utmost care. [Tolaemon] also provides his design, firmware(ZIP), and parts list so that you can make your own hardware player.

[via Matrixsynth]

4 thoughts on “-hard PlAYer- 8 Bit Tunes Hardware Player

  1. good old days, I remember some ZX spectrum games had support for AY-3-8910 chip, you had to mod your ZX81 yourself to add this “sound card”. I myslef had C64, I even wrote a player for SID files in assembler. Computers were so simple back then.

  2. I remember making a (wirewrapped!) card for my then brand new Apple II using the AY-3-8912 in the 1980’s. Thank you Steve Wozniak for making it so easy to build peripheral cards.

    I spent a lot of time getting the thing to play J.S.Bach’s “Air on the G string”.
    The data came from some software synthesizer, and my 6502 assembler program would digest it to program the various registers of the AY-3-8912.

    Those were the good old days…

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