Android Source Code Released


Google has officially released the Android source code. While the T-Mobile G1 is being released tomorrow—some already have it—it is just one Android device. The availability of the source means that the platform could be port to almost any device. It’s a complete embedded Linux package and we’ve already seen it running on the N810. We can’t wait to see what hacks come out of this.

14 thoughts on “Android Source Code Released

  1. The thing I would like to know is why was it closed in the first place?
    The whole project started the way all opensourced project start, it was announced really early. And a lot of things were known how it was conceived.

    And after a while they just said that not all code is going to be available…

  2. I’m also hoping it will be ported to the iPhone, but i’m not sure to what extent we will need knowledge of the device.

    I’d actually love it if someone made a nice way for it to run on an x86 PC, so i could build a carputer with it, i’m sure it would beat the tar out of other options. I’m sure i’m naive and there is already a simple way to run it on a PC, but short of emulation i don’t know a good way to just install it outright.

  3. I hope the first hacks are….

    Disabling all of google’s DRM and remote control of the device. The Android is a cool thing until you read what they can do to control your phone. I hope that step 1 is a rogue firmware that disables all the crappy parts and turns it into what most of us want. a completely open phone that rocks.

  4. Personally, I just want to get it up and running on an HTC Apache that is using Verizon, or on my Samsung i760, also with Verizon. I’m seriously getting to the point where I loathe Windows Mobile.

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