Making The PSP Not So Portable

[alien x] has posted this peculiar hack for a PSP. He has gutted and splayed the PSP spreading its insides neatly and mounting them on a plexiglass back. Everything is easily accessible and ready to tinker with. It may not fit in your pocket, but adding mods and experimenting with ideas should be much easier like this. It looks pretty cool too, we want one for our office wall. That could be possible too, he’s selling it.

[thanks doodle]

15 thoughts on “Making The PSP Not So Portable

  1. a rebuild and redesign adding new features to the device like bluetooth audio, don’t know if the psp already has that, or more memory. It’s not quite as complicated a breakdown as I first thought but still interesting. great job alien x.

  2. After I lost my psp2000 and realizing it’s somewhat hard to find a new one since it’s been replaced by the 3000, I gave up on the handheld scene.

    There’s no point in having a handheld if I can’t have my homebrew.

  3. im working on a mod, i sure would like to no how to extend the plugs for the screen, you know the flat piece. or even if theres one for sale… hackers gotta eat too.

  4. I was looking up PSP hacks today and came across this page. The link to the information linked in the post is no longer up. Does anyone happen to know where I could find the info on this mod or similar? Please reply here. Thanks.

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