22 thoughts on “Whiteboard Pong

  1. while it may be fun for about a minute, how could you lose at that speed :)

    also i was hoping for the code behind it, or a least a brief description of how its done (language, API’s, hardware etc).

  2. This seems like a simpler version of that projector-camera interface where people were playing pong on a table using their cellphones/cucumbers. I think it was posted to hackaday a while ago but can’t seem to find the link for the life of me; does anyone have a link to this project? I’ve been looking for it for quite some time now.

  3. …so one can only really change the angle of the hit with a curved paddle? The angle detection seems like it could use a little work. Other than that gripe, this is cool sh*t. I look forward to being able to play old-school games on any whiteboard. :P

  4. haha, I enjoy the fake comments though they add characters and show that hackers are not knowledgeable about everything computer related.

    Also +1 on the circle comment. What would it do?

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