Robot Mimic


Here’s a video of a student submission to the 2008 NHK RoboCon competition.  The robot, who vaguely looks like a giant lego minifig, is controlled via a suit. The robot mimics the moves of the wearer. We can’t help but have visions of the clown from F/X2.


3 thoughts on “Robot Mimic

  1. this would be cool IF he DIDN’T dress the freggin’ robot up like a DOLL! why must everyone strip the coolness away from robots and make them look silly? It’s hard to take you or your project seriously when there is dress-up involved. Let the wires, servos and electronics hang out, because THAT is what makes a robot cool and projects interesting. Cover it up with some silly material, and you just screwed yourself out of a lot of respect.

  2. good ole Bluey… Duh Bluey looked like a guy in a clown suit… probably because he worked too perfectly? And they dress up robots because the eventual goal for these kind of things is to make them look more human.

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