Wii64: A Nintendo 64 Stuffed Into A Wii


File this one under “stuff that doesn’t make sense”. Someone put a Nintendo 64 into a Wii. Yes, we know you can download those games with virtual console. Maybe they did it just to look cool. Maybe a Wii case just happened to be laying there when they got some Nintendo 64 guts. Whatever the reason, it is for sale on Ebay.

[via DVICE]

16 thoughts on “Wii64: A Nintendo 64 Stuffed Into A Wii

  1. Excuse me? What can’t you understand about putting the insides of the best console ever into the case of the best best current gen system? :P

    FYI: I bought a wii April 2007, I bought a N64 April 2008 :D

  2. he’s gonna make a profit on it, duh

    I know what you’re getting at, you could always make one yourself…but, there’s one right there, no assembly necessary.

    I’m fine with my roms, I have my 64 sitting in a closet somewhere and no tv to play it on.

  3. Hmm, I thought the console (and emulators for that matter) couldn’t run ALL games, if so this makes perfect sense. (well, if not perfect sense, than at least more than some are giving credit for)

  4. It might make sense if he had stuffed both a n64 and a wii inside a wii case, I could get behind that, but here there is no wii anymore. Its an interesting idea, just like an AT-AT gamecube case mod I have seen. But I don’t know, its just kinda odd.

  5. I must say that looks interesting. What would be really cool though would be adding a cd drive and making some custom hardware to read the nintendo game data off of a cd. Ie, find a way to put the N64 games on cds/dvds and make it so the N64 can read the cd drive and work that way. That would be really nifty.

  6. Fool upon the buyer. They could just get the homebrew channel, and download the WII64 app to run almost any N64 rom with any control configuration (that’s supported by the Wii) they want. Pointless, but profitable.

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