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File this one under: “Wow, that’s even possible?” xbox-scene hacker [RDC] has been hard at work converting his Xbox 360 to slot loading. To start, He removed the slot loading drive from a blueberry iMac G3. The loading mechanism is the top half of the drive. He split this off and married it to the reading mechanism in the Xbox’s Hitachi drive. The difficult part came with getting the drive to properly signal when it had a disc. He put together a custom circuit to do the detection and has a thorough description of how he solved the problem.

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11 thoughts on “Slot Loading Xbox 360

  1. why would anyone want a slot loading drive?

    they are prone to jamming if you use odd size/shaped cds. they can jam the drive requiring the disassembly of the drive.

    only reason anyone would want slot loading drive is so there is no tray to break off if the device is dropped.

    of course the device is getting broken if dropped anyways defeating the gains from a slot loader.

  2. This is pretty cool, if the PS3 and the wii can have one, why not the 360? Also why would you be putting smaller or odd shaped discs into your 360? at most all you’ll put in is dvds, games and cds. and apart from the odd random advertising cds from sucky bands, all those discs are staandard anyways.

  3. I used to have a regular xbox in my car and I wanted to do the same thing. You could have an indash solution if your car if had the space. I ended up putting it under the passenger seat. Great work rdc.

  4. WOW, thats truly amazing!! I wonder if any people from Microsoft have seen this. I wouldn’t be surprized if MS contacted him or just ripped off his design anyway without contacting him.

    I don’t have an X-Box 360 myself but i’d sure like to mod a regular PC optical drive. …but there’s just not enough room for all the extra parts.
    Plus I don’t have a blueberry i-mac.

  5. [quote]
    Why does he just not buy a ps3? If he really wats a slot loading drive….

    oh look a bloody ps3 fanboy 0_o

    this isnt about just wanting a slot loading drive but more of a PROJECT so shut up with your ps3 crap !

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