Roboexotica 2008


We couldn’t make Roboexotica in Vienna, Austria this year (check out last year’s coverage), so we asked [Bre Pettis] to act as our liaison.

Last night was the opening party of Roboexotica, the worldwide gathering of cocktail robots. It was a blast! Pictured above is Robovox, a 40 foot high robot that you can text message to and it will say what you text to it!


I was running my robot arms as a competition, armatron style, to get cherries into a shot glass.


The Reprap that Marius, Philipp, and the gang over at Metalab made last year that failed was revived and cranked out shot glasses all night!

Here are my photos. More photos tagged Roboexotica are coming in all the time, stay tuned!

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