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[PuffMag1cDrag0n] shows us how to make a fairly simple projected LED display. The projector is made from a 13×7 LED matrix and a couple fresnel lenses. The layout and construction is similar to the Lumenlab projector setup, only replacing all the lighting and LCD with an LED array. It communicates via serial port and is powered by a pic micro 16f648. We would love to see an RGB version of this. The directions are a bit rushed, but you should be able to get the gist. Just remember that you need some pretty powerful LEDs to throw a big image.

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  1. @spoofy

    don’t feel bad, i was about to complain about the same thing until read the above comments. you kind of expect to be able to stream video from your browser these days…i didn’t think to look for a link to a compressed mpg. five years ago that would have been the first thing i looked for.

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