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tircd is an ircd proxy for talking to the Twitter API. It should work with any standard IRC client. After running the Perl script, you authenticate to the IRC server using your Twitter username as your /nick. Join the room #twitter and the /topic will be set to your last update. Any message you type will update Twitter and the room’s topic. All of the people you are following show up in the room as users and post messages as they tweet. If you private message one of them, it will become a direct message on Twitter. Other commands work too: /whois to get a person’s bio, /invite to start following, and /kick to unfollow. The project is brand new and will be added new features in the future like Search API support. Follow @tircd for updates.

22 thoughts on “Twitter IRC Server, Tircd

  1. They’re confusing lifehacker and hackaday, that’s what :)

    Twitter news should be on blogs for hipster web2.0 adapters with egoes too big for their physical shells. :X

  2. Creating a bridge between IRC and Twitter looked interesting and, even though my computing skills are limited I thought I’d give it a go. Now I’m using Vista (I know, I know let’s just avoid that subject) and so installed ActivePerl. Tried the and that worked ok.

    Then I downloaded tircd and unzipped into /eg (not sure if it should go there or not). Tried running – but it spat back this at me:

    Can’t locate JSON/ in @INC (@INC contains: C:/Perl/site/lib C:/Perl/lib .)
    at C:\Perl\eg\ line 6.
    BEGIN failed–compilation aborted at C:\Perl\eg\ line 6.

    Can you show me the path to enlightenment oh gods of geekdom?


  3. i installed activeperl, for winxp.
    i got tircd from svn.
    cpan did not work for me; i did this instead:

    ppm install POE
    ppm install POE-Filter-IRCD
    ppm install Net-Twitter-Lite

    it depends on tircd whether it’s Net-Twitter or Net-Twitter-Lite, actually.


  4. Please excuse my ignorance but Im in need of help. Im not sure this is what I need, I have ZERO skills in the program department. I run a irc room for my company and we have a single twitter account to bring in breaking news feeds. Id like a simple bot that would post in the irc any new feeds coming in from those that we are following. Im completely lost as to what I need to do or get. Any help would be great. I know this is a few years old just hoping something may exist that would work for our needs. Thanks

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