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For those unfortunate few of you who don’t already have a plasma cutter sitting around, [jandgse812] is here to help. He walks you through the process of building your own plasma cutter from scratch. Adding up the list of parts brings the total project to roughly $300.  He has included visual diagrams for all the wiring as well as specific part numbers and where to get them. Be careful, this is potentially very dangerous, but also very cool. You may need to get a copy of the mission impossible theme to play whenever you use it. At least, that’s what [jandgse812] recommends. You can see a video of it in action after the break.


22 thoughts on “Make A Plasma Cutter

  1. This set of plans has been around for sometime now on Yahoo groups. Although you have to now buy the plans to get to the private section. It was publicaly viewable at one time.

    At least he is not using the water resistor like the first implementations used. This way is still very dangerous as you can come in contact with the hot side of your work and ground very easily and get a 400+ Volt DC shock.

    This is because most modern devices like this use a isolation transformer which is center tapped to ground.

  2. This is the best hack I’ve seen a in a long time, I have all but about 3 parts + the gun to get this made i’m very tempted to make one of these! This is the kind of stuff I like to see

  3. Although this is an excellent project, it’s definitely not for the hobbyist. i wouldn’t recommend trying this unless you already have a good deal of experience with plasma cutters and high voltage projects. there are about a dozen ways to kill yourself building and operating one of these things.

  4. There is a 40A plasma cutter on ebay for $300 that I think I would take over this death trap.

    But still very cool to know that it requires relatively few and common parts (as he points out).

  5. You can buy plasma cutters for the $300.00 in parts you need.

    I guess if you had a nice stockpile of freebies around it would be a good idea, or if you are trapped in a electrical/electronic wearhouse and needto cut your way out you could build one.

    I’ll just buy one, you can get really good ones used for around $150-$350 if you look hard enough.

  6. i would sure like to purchase a set of plans for this –i tried to build one with another set of plans but the wiring confused me as there are two many junctions–if you will sell me a copy of these please email me how to get them

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