Generating MIDI With Ruby

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[Giles Bowkett] has been working on a music library for Ruby called Archaeopteryx. He describes it as a “Ruby MIDI DJing/live-coding thing“. In the video above, He’s using it to generate and then morph rhythms. The Ruby code is directly controlling the step sequencer in Reason. It’s an interesting approach to music development. The video above gives a full intro to the probability approach to generation. To really get a feel for the library, we suggest you watch his presentation from RubyFringe. It shows him playing music by editing a live block of code. Check out his Vimeo feed for many more demo videos.

[via CDM]

4 thoughts on “Generating MIDI With Ruby

  1. The whole Rubyfringe presentation was actually a little tedious, I hope giles watches the recording of himself saying “right” 50,000 times and never makes that mistake again in the future.

    However, I couldn’t stop watching. He said a lot of good stuff and I appreciate his energy.

    I thought his random music generation seemed a bit simple (weighted random number matrix vs say, fractal or feedback/self modifying music). But it’s early days and he obviously intends to make this thing kick arse.

    I should get back to Ruby… if only I could sleep.

  2. I don’t even know what RUBY is (obvy its a programing language) and I still could not stop watching the presentation. Very interesting, and I believe those concepts apply to many things in this world. Open Source is the future.

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