Cell Phone Shoe

Sometimes you absolutely need to keep your phone a secret. You know, like when you’re on spy missions. The goons at the door will always frisk you, but they never check under your shoe, right? [mikeyberman] shows us how to make our own Maxwell Smart style shoe phone. All you need is to dig a giant hole in your shoe sole and cram a cell phone in there. Will it get ruined by water? Probably. Will you look like a goon trying to talk on it? Definitely. Can you make it through airport security? Try it and let us know.

59 thoughts on “Cell Phone Shoe

  1. Is this guy the new lead prop designer for Carrot Top? Seriously… at least use a decent phone… that Motorola F-series with the e-paper display would have been ‘SMART’-er…

    I can see it now-

    Friend: Hey Mikey, whats this?
    [mikeyberman]: Oh thats just my shoephone…get it? SHOE… PHONE?
    Friend: [groan]

  2. I suggest you rename this site to FailADay.com
    I used to check this site daily, now i do it less then once a month….
    After this one i’m nos shore when next time will come, when i check this site…

    I hope by then next time, you start posting quality, hacs, or rename site to FAILADAY.com.

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