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Sometimes you absolutely need to keep your phone a secret. You know, like when you’re on spy missions. The goons at the door will always frisk you, but they never check under your shoe, right? [mikeyberman] shows us how to make our own Maxwell Smart style shoe phone. All you need is to dig a giant hole in your shoe sole and cram a cell phone in there. Will it get ruined by water? Probably. Will you look like a goon trying to talk on it? Definitely. Can you make it through airport security? Try it and let us know.

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  1. it’s not a movable heel, bigd145, it’s a removable sole. now, i was considering embedding a bluetooth headset in a shoe, so it would work with any phone, just would loose dialing ability there.

  2. I’ve watched this site deteriorate over the last coupla years, seen a lot of negative comments & refrained from making any as I really thought you guys were trying. This, however, may be an all-time low. Fine for Instructables, that site has a fair amount of crap mixed in with the good, something for everyone, but does “butcher shoe, hack off phne aerial, insert in shoe” really even need a mention here, it’s actually got me really angry seeing the lows being stooped to

  3. OMG this is the most complex highly sophisticated hack I have ever seen it must have taken years if not decades to even contemplate the very idea.. yet not only did someone figure it out they actually did it too… omw why didn’t I think of this all those years of watching “get smart” all I had to do was “get smart” and I couldn’t even do that… by golly.. I’m gona get me some smarts and figure out how to carve a hole in something and stuff a phone in it…

  4. You have to take off your shoes and have it go through the xray machine when you go through the airport, so it gets scanned whether you try to hide it or not. Of course, no one cares about phones going through security, but they might if you try to hide it in a shoe.

  5. Ah c’mon guys and gals, take it easy. Yes, a shoe-phone is dumb and juvenile and definitely not a hack…but I know there are countless times something like this makes a synapse connect in my brain, and I can then apply the idea elsewhere.

    Granted, I probably won’t use the shoe-phone paradigm in any of my projects, but somebody else might.

    I would personally rather have something useless like this to look at than nothing at all. Let’s save our fury for any twitter-related posts.

  6. I have to agree with some of the above commentary. This is just freaking sad beyond words.
    This used to be a brilliant hack site, then it degraded to simply reposting semi-relevant crap off instructables, now it isn’t even trying at all.

    WTF happened to you guys?

  7. “Will it get ruined by water? Probably.”

    actually, probably not, because it will already be ruined by the first step you take, unless you’re tiptoeing around (which I guess is what spies might be doing anyway).

    this is a “hack” insofar as he hacked up a pair of shoes… beyond that there’s no merit to it whatsoever.

  8. @dan:
    I do try & maintain a sense of humour, maybe I’m just jealous coz all my shoes have holes in ’em :D

    point taken :) If I had the ingenuity/skill to come up with something useful myself it might make my strop-off more valid, eh? :) As it stands I have no particular skills or training, just a strong interest in tech & hacks/modding, your comment did make me open my eyes a bit & see that it could spark an idea for someone :) Just seems a bit sub-standard

  9. uncivlengr, the phone is recessed enough not to be damaged unless you’re walking on rocks… and no-one wears black business shoes on rocks.

    Anyway, this one was a crappy rushed model. I’m working on a Shoe-Phone 2.0, which basically just looks like a shoe. The phone will be concealed inside the heel, and the speaker, mic, and three buttons will all be moved. If I can work out how to, I’ll add a port to plug in the screen.

    And howlshigh, that’s why it was used in Get Smart :) Someone made a shoe-phone a couple of months ago, he said that it once rung while driving… that’d be awkward

  10. Are we talking the original get smart? Or the travesty that is the new get smart?

    Steve carrel may be an ok actor, but unfortunately he thinks he is a comedian. Worse still he isn’t even funny playing the “straight man” part.

    Oh, shoe with cell phone, right.

    I liked it when Smart was playing golf and got himself on the spikes when he answered the phone :)

  11. No it wont… because the shoe you need needs to have a rased heel and in rased heel shoes there will be a metal shank in the bottom of the shoe that will set the walk though metal detector off.

    so when you take your shoes off and put it in the X-ray its going to look very suss. and most likely miss your plane… and other nasty stuff….

  12. DarthTSA, the shoe I used didn’t have any metal… however now that it has a phone in it, it’d set off a metal detector…

    It’d definitely look suspicious passing through an X-Ray scanner, but if you were lucky the guy could just think it’s a shoe put on top of a cell phone. But it’s probably not worth testing it out

  13. ha! nice one hackaday. you really need to warn us before you pull a funny like this. for a second I thought this was supposed to be a real hack. hahaha (I’m crying on the inside. please stop posting crap like this)

  14. Just as well I haven’t submitted (and I’m serious here) my ‘wireless slipper mouse’, where you control a mouse hacked into a pair of slippers, with the LMB beneath the big toe, so you can handsfree surf while eating your dinner…

    footwear haters!

  15. Richard Reid, a British passenger on the Boeing 767, was trying to light a fuse protruding from his shoe.
    Someone like Richard Reid, could use the cell phone to set off a bomb, if he made to the plane! Someone said, use x-ray shielding with lead. As you know, security is not perfect! This is just info. I love your hacks including this one!

  16. Um wow…

    cheap phone, cheap shoes, and glue = a hack?

    how about cutting the slot so you can fit a razr inside the heel and then a piece of rubber to close the hole to make a REAL spy shoe? Cripes the phone is almost dead as you’ve been walking off the buttons and face. at least make a cover of rubber that is the size and shape of the heel!

    what’s next. a ethernet switch in a teddy bear?

  17. This site isn’t what it used to be.

    GM ONstar GPS hacking?
    DIY Projector from LCD panel
    Extend cables cheaply via CAT5
    DIY Slushy machine via garborator

    I used to read this site and get fired up and excited about what to build / hack next. Now I feel kind of sorry for it.

  18. No, but I have been trying to disguise a tiny shoe I’m gluing into a slot I gouged in my phone.

    when I’m done I shoud be able to talk to my shoe and no one will be the wiser, because they’ll think I’m really on the phone.

    -but i won’t be.
    I’ll be talking to my tiny shoe.
    It understands.

  19. Strider,
    You made my day. My shoe talks to me too. (that is normal, right?) Have a sense of humor for allah’s sake. (“allah being a test of your sense of humor, of course”)

    For the record, I have submitted a “hack”. It was possibly even a little better than this, but it was only related to fabricating a box for shipping live corals. It was largely off topic for this site. After all, who here is interested in saving the reef?

  20. @greg
    I dont think this site Considers anything we send in I think that they just take crap from instructables and repost the garbage here.. with the exception of Eliot Phillips he actual digs for good stuff and finds real hackers… hack a day needs to clone him..

    I send stuff all the time ..ok I admit I’m jealous I work hard and send my stuff then they post this.. enough said

  21. This is enough. If this is now just a derivative reposting site, and only reposting lame stuff at that, it no longer needs to be on my toolbar. Hackaday off, Instructables on. I’ll see everything sooner that way anyway.
    What a fucking waste of a good site concept.

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