11 thoughts on “Full Debian On A Router Board

  1. Check out Ubquiti’s RouterBoard Pro at 79$.

    I think this is going to be a big hit. They also have a firmware competition with lots of prizes.

    Specs: PoE, GiG E, 680MHz Cpu, SDIO, usb, 256 mb ram, serial port, low power, works with OpenWRT.

  2. msi offered these minipci cards for a motherboard they carried(carry?)

    1.MS-9518 with Adaptec AIC-7892B SCSI controller
    2.MS-9514 with TI TSB43AB FireWire chips from Texas Instruments
    4.MS-9513 with ATI Rage XL graphics chip ”

    graphics card and scsi controller would make this a dam cool carputer or custom net-book ect

  3. Not that impressive, these devices are designed to run a small linux. The company that produces them (Mikrotik) even gives you instructions on how to install different linux’es on their products. But still, very nice! BTW these Routers are really worth checking out, believe me!

  4. I did the same a few weeks ago with the ALIX boards from pcengines.ch. They’re very cheap and run very good with voyage linux (which is a debian devirate particulary for these boards). The boards have a very low power consumtion and can be powered over PoE

    Actually I’m running a torrent, nfs, apache, firewall, openvpn, mpd, mysql and a 300GB USB-Hardisk with dmcrypt (Geode-AES) flawless on the alix2d3

    greetings from switzerland

  5. Ya, mikrotik…sorry, they don’t really support alternative linux. purchased a routerboard 1000, asked for the GPL sourcecode. all that I got was a completely outdated patch for, while they are running a 2.6.27.x. asking for recent GPL code is simply ignored by them. this is a case for gpl-violations.org

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