24 Solid State Drives In Raid


In a time when marketing is all around us, companies often have to come up with new and creative ways to get us excited. Some go the viral route, others hire famous spokes people. Samsung did well with this idea. Let some computer geeks build something awesome and have fun with it. They chained 24 drives together to create a whopping 6Terrabyte array. They run various speed tests and even test the drive integrity by bouncing on a trampoline while dangling them from their chords. Yeah, they make the computer geeks a little geekier than they need to be, but who didn’t get excited to see those transfer speeds?

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  1. Everyone that keeps writing that defragging the SSD is pointless obviously knows nothing about the SD instruction set. It WILL make a difference. Synchronous read is in the SSD instruction set and therefore with an increased stripe size, reduced addressing instructions are used to provide a synchronous read and transfer speed is further increased. This is a fundamental instruction on any serial access memory.
    Sorry to be a kill joy here, but you are wrong..

  2. “I hope we are not talking 2 gbit/s because I spent far far less on 750 gig SATAs with a 9650SE-ML16 3ware card and get 480MB/s writes. Yes, almost 2x the speed for my guess, over 10x less.”

    Nathan – he clearly states “Two Thousand Megabytes per second”.

  3. This is a good example of how far we need to go in order to get close to ram speeds with ssds. Now they just need to combine those 24 drives into one (raid wise) and make a port able to handle up to lets say 100 gbits/sec (~12.5 gigabytes/sec). Less mess, one drive, one cable, same or better performance. Eventually these things will match ram speeds or may even surpass them eliminating the need for ram. If that were the case, any OS would virtually be pre-loaded. Instant bootup times. Weeeeeeee!

    Expensive setup, but impressive none the less.

  4. 100 Gbit? Good luck. The parts are out there, but if you can afford them, you can probably afford 24 SSDs to play with, too.

    What I took from this was a lesson in reliability: Assuming they had them in RAID 0 rather than JBOD, take whatever your reliability figure for one SSD over its life is, raise it to the 24th power, and it starts to look pretty shaky. It is a great flash in the pan, but not much real content there.

    Show me four of them in RAID 0, tucked into a 5.25″ slot, running off the motherboard SATA controller rather than a bucks-up RAID card. That would be more relevant to my interests.

  5. Okay, a couple of things here, very impressive but first, why on earth defrag an SSD? Not only does it decrease the life of the disk but also SSDs don’t get fragmented since they don’t have disk plates, and being as each drive is doing the exact same thing to each drive as a single drive would be I don’t see how defrageg 24 SSDs in a raid would be faster than defragging 1 SSD. Also for Crysis, graphics would have very little affect from the hard drive, only thing that the hard drives would realy affect is the load time.

    If I did this project though I totaly would have got like an external RAID that could hold 24 drives :P And idk if I’d waste the money to get 6TB lol, I’d imagine the smaller ones would be just as fast when it comes to solid state memory and the cheapest 250GB SSD I’ve found was like $700 so for 6TB from 24x 250GB SSDs would cost almost $17,000 lol

  6. Everyone is complaining about the defrag. Who cares? I like how is opened all those windows in such a fast time, and yea you can get that same speed with one ssd but i think the point of the huge
    raid setup was show you how raid is a great idea if you want space and speed. i can tell you one thins i would like to get all those ssd’s then resell them so i can buy my self a Gamer pc that fucking rocks!!!

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