7 thoughts on “MEGAshield For Arduino MEGA

  1. pragma — you don’t pull it straight off, you slip a screwdriver between the headers and the shield and pry it off a bit at a time, walking around the board and progressing from tiny to larger screwdrivers. I’ve used some industrial stuff that mounts similarly. it’s actually nice in that it is secure even if you don’t use standoffs with lock nuts.

  2. Thanks localroger! It is exactly as described. I guess round pin headers could be used, but they don’t match nicely with the square pin sockets… they stay loose.

    The idea of a protoshield like this, is that you can solder only the pins you need, making it easy to insert and remove. If you install a breadboard on top of the protoshield PCB, then you will need all the pins soldered.

  3. @zigzagjoe
    it looks like the equivalent of “first post”. it looks just like one big prototyping area with a little header for something or other

    are you the localroger from slashdot?

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