Simple, Elegant, Lemon Battery

[Madaeon] pointed us toward this entry for the Instructables Epilog challenge. While this may not be extremely complex, or have as many wires as our typical post, it is a fantastic example of thinking outside the box. How many lemon batteries have we seen? A lot. This one stands out as being more elegantly displayed and functional at the same time. In its final form, you sprinkle lemon juice on it’s petals and it lights up. If you ever find yourself in the position of teaching someone about electronics, remember this project. Sometimes aesthetics can make a dull simple project take on a life of its own.

16 thoughts on “Simple, Elegant, Lemon Battery

  1. Wow, this is just beautifully done.
    I’ve been getting back into electronics the past few months, so I think i might actually try my hands with this for fun.

    I previously used a hangar laptop stand Instructable from there. (works great for my netbook)
    Never ever thought of using all those old metal hangers for such a thing.

  2. Instructables, wtf? Now you need to sign in to see all but the first image? That’s some bull. Last time I’m using Instructables for anything. All those pictures and such a pain in the ass to see them.

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