Speech Controlled Garbage Can


This speech controlled garbage can was sent in via the tip line by [Amnon]. The garbage can will come to you following a black line and stopping when it sees a cross in the line, then waits for another voice command. It can then return to where it belongs or go outside following the line. The system is based on a microchip PIC 18F4431 and uses three 18 volts cordless drill motors and their batteries as the power source. “In the near future the line sensors will be replaced with UV line sensors and the black line will be replaced with clear UV color.”

When you call the system “Pach Zevel ” (garbage can in Hebrew) the system go to standby and the LED’s light up.  After the previous stage if you say “ELAY” (to me in Hebrew) it will drive on the black line till the first crossing.
This adds new meaning to taking the trash out.

9 thoughts on “Speech Controlled Garbage Can

  1. mio hi
    This was a weekend project from the beginning till the end. And in this situation I prefer to use COTS products.

    But it is a very interesting idea about dspic

    you my look on a brief of some other project i did in the past at my site


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