Bots 4 Tots Charity Launched

Bots 4 Tots

If you feel the same way that we do about robotics, you probably wish that you had more experience with them when you were a kid. [Don] felt that way too, and he decided to do something about it. So [Don] and his partner started the Chicago based organization Bots 4 Tots, with the mission of introducing inner city kids to robotics. [Don] told us that his organization plans on starting the kids with snap together projects like OWI’s Jungle Robot. After a few snap together projects, they plan to introduce the kids to soldering and hope to eventually move on to a larger collaborative project that all the kids can work on. Of course, doing all of these things requires money. Thats where we, as the DIY community, come in. So feel free to hit up the Bots 4 Tots site and make a donation to support their worthwhile cause, we know we will.

10 thoughts on “Bots 4 Tots Charity Launched

  1. In the past I helped with a program called RoboKids where engineering students would mentor inner-city kids using mindstorms. It’s a great program, with the university handling the cost of materials and the kids getting bussed over from a local organization that provides after-school educational opportunities to inner-city kids.

  2. My god this is beyond words. Things like this really help the community and keep kids outta trouble. Course that’s what people used to think of football before tons of them started partying.

    All I can think is how I would of liked this instead of FIRST and those lego rebotics teams, which no offense to anyone in those, but the local teams here built more drama then bots. <.<

  3. I think the thing that makes this better than stuff like FIRST, lego robotics … or even football is that it’s not a competition.

    I mean especially with inner-city kinds, they’ve got conflict all around them. Teaching them about robotics in a collaborative open-ended environment is much better for the learning experience than simply trying to toss more balls than the “team” from the other side of the tracks.

  4. This is all part of Skynet’s plan: Enslave humanity at a young age to build its minions of future world domination.

    In all seriousness, this is great. Training minds at a young age to think outside the box is great.

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