Guitar Hero Macro Board


Doesn’t look like the Guitar Hero hacks will be slowing up any time soon. In this recent installment, [Thunderhammer3000] built a board to record Guitar Hero “songs”. It is wired inline with with the fret buttons and strum bar and records each of the key presses. Songs can be recorded at slow speed in practice mode and replayed at full speed. The board is Arduino compatible and has two optoisolator chips for collecting the button presses plus a small EEPROM for storage. The board fits easily inside the guitar body.

13 thoughts on “Guitar Hero Macro Board

  1. C’mon guys, use your brain, if you want to make something like this, it’s not that hard…

    Use hackaday as a source of inspiration, not to get your life answers.

  2. @blair This is Hack-a-day, we had a 13 part series on soldering and how resistors work. you really think that these guys here can actually make anything without sourcecode and schematics?

  3. @saimhe the problem with the resonator is that it’s a crystal and that he screwed up on the PCB board design.
    I would have stuffed the caps in the back side to allow the Xtal to sit flush. but then I dont do through hole anymore (actually I stopped in 2001). SMT is so much easier.

  4. @blair I’ve had a similar project in mind for a while… I was going to use PICs because that’s what I’m familiar with but I’ve also been thinking about getting my feet wet with Arduino but I haven’t really found a good resource for starting out with one… this project comes up and gets me excited but there’s nothing to work off of…

    I don’t need inspiration, I need a few good projects that I can learn from by example…

  5. While I do appreciate a good hack every now and again, this goes right up there with the rapid fire 360 hack…

    It’s cheating, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this somehow, eventually, gets you banned from online services, like LIVE.

  6. Wow, this is pretty cool. But for someone to say this is not that hard is way too advanced to spend their time on hackaday. I’ve never built anything like this and wouldn’t mind some extra info like source code and a parts list.

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