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[Will] submitted his ski goggle mod. He has mounted an Oregon Scientific ATC3K digicam in his goggles. This should make recording ski trips a lot easier. Most of the electronics fit just fine in the mask, though he did need to use an IDE cable to extend parts of it to the custom pack mounted on the strap. We’re also curious how much wind noise he’s going to get on that microphone.

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  1. Um… the ATC3K camera records like crap. Plus it’s easy to strap to your head, arm, end of the ski tips.

    How can having it pressed against your forehead make it “easier to use”?

    I can control mine without effort, his you have to remove your goggles to control it. He also seemed to remove all the waterproofing.

  2. a cool mod would be one mounted in a sealed ball with a weight inside the bottom inside another ball of semi-viscus liquid. If calibrated correctly, it should allow the camera to give smoother video when the skier / adrenaline junkie hits minor bumps along the way.

  3. I read Google Camera Mod as well. I was puzzled as to what camera Google came out with while I wasn’t looking. :)

    However, this is missing something important: A micro-projector to display current temperature, wind speed, velocity, and so forth on the goggle lens.

  4. hmmm the site is slooooowly loading… or not.

    looks like a cool mod, and *nice* install!

    i agree that there could be a better place to put the cam than in the lens. aside from possibly obscuring the user’s view, modifying the goggle’s lens will have compromised the safety rating. drilling holes in shatterproof plastic can introduce micro-fractures or weaken it along one axis – especially on a narrower section like the nose clearance cut in goggle lenses.

    with the fabbing resources you have, consider something above the goggle’s lens for v.2. the same circuit enclosure and cable routing could be used, but the camera could be in a small waterproof box. with the right mounting the system could be added to goggles without modification and removed when you’re not using it.

    good work!

  5. How about make it measure the speed and display it realtime?

    Combine it with the iphone laser beamer seen on hackaday and project the mph reading into the camera’s upper right(left?) corner!!

    Now THAT would be a cool googgle gadget.

  6. I just wonder how he keeps snow out and prevents it from fogging – within five minutes my goggles are full of snow (albiet usually from full frontal contact with the trail!).

  7. The camera should only fog up if your face is warm enough to heat up the back side of lense. As for wind in the microphone, if he places the mic just behind the lense, there shouldn’t be much.

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