Graduation Cap Diorama


[Roland] recently graduated from UC Berkely. For his graduation ceremony, he wanted to do something unique. He built a diorama on his graduation cap depicting a house driven from alternative energy. The whole thing is solar powered. The wind turbine is actually powered from the solar panel, and with a remote control, he can make the sun rise and set.

29 thoughts on “Graduation Cap Diorama

  1. I can’t wait till some company gets a bit of innovation in there development, and does portable panels with integrated controllers that have at least over+under voltage and amperage shutoff if not also temperature compensation.

  2. @rolf
    Newegg doesn’t sell eggs either, I think this is a cool project and i believe that he did “hack” the idea of a graduation cap. Hacking doesn’t always have to be modifying something from its original form.

  3. I don’t understand why people feel the need to knock some of the hacks on this site.. Not 100% of the hacks are going to please 100% of the people. Sure this one is bordering on frivolous, but it made me smile. Didn’t like it? Don’t have anything to actually contribute? Then stfu, simple.

  4. @rolf

    Are you not interested in making things? Or Artwork? I consider many things not involving electronics at all a hack. I would say that hack has become a mindset or a sort of culture. It means many things.

    Lol @ “newegg doesn’t sell eggs”

  5. “Are you not interested in making Artwork?” absolutely not!
    “I consider many things not involving electronics at all a hack”
    And I consider it bullshit

  6. “that has got to be the stupidest thing i’ve seen in a long time.”

    I agree that therian’s comment is pretty stupid, but rolf’s comment was less than 16 hours before your own so I can only imagine what you consider a short period of time.

  7. This is just retarded, I have to agree with everyone who says basically the same thing here.

    He could have easily done something much cooler than some gay Diorama. Like a small solar powered Scrolling Marquee… or something. Ya know?

    This just isn’t very creative and more of just trying to be Nerdy than anything else. Like cptfalcon said, I think the remote is the only cool part of the whole thing.

    I come here to see original & creative ideas or cool projects. This one has neither of which. This is why this is being flamed more than anything else.

  8. Do not feed the trolls.

    Bottom line is if you don’t like it, don’t read it. And if you don’t like it, why are you wasting time to post a comment?

    If you think you can find better hacks, make your own blog.

  9. @therian – how old are you? You seem quite immature. You act like this is the 1st thing that has been posted that you considered lame.

    Anyhoo,the term hack is defined on paper as “gaining unathorized access to..”

    So, by your sentiments, this site should be called (lol its available)? Face it, the term hack has evolved to encompass many things. Even things like NES Belt or other non electronic modifications have been referred to as hacks.

  10. @36chambers 20, more mature than “artists” with ego star disease which I tired to see everywhere like bums on street, but instead of asking for change they yell how great are they

  11. According to the link miked posted, this falls squarely under “…a quick job that does what is needed, but not well” or quite possibly “‘an appropriate application of ingenuity'”

    Need? To spruce up a boring graduation cap, and wave to the family without looking like the complete tools that turn around and wave at their families (although arguably having a solar panel on your head could qualify you for being a tool, but it’s also definitely nerdy).

    Mission: Accomplished!

  12. usually I rant about dumb things being posted on hack a day, but that trend seems to be slowing.

    i can only imagine peoples reactions to a graduation cap like this, especially with the remote control.

  13. @punmaster – No, it is not interesting at all.

    To the rest of you – do you actually find this at all interesting? Really. Just because it is technically a hack by someone’s definition doesn’t mean it should be here. Would you watch the news if all they showed was someone going to the store to pick up some milk, butter and a loaf of bread? It’s boring, and I’m all for simple hacks on here that people can do, but there’s a point when it’s just lame – and that point is reached long before a graduation cap with a motor and a solar panel glued to it.

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