Palm Pre Teardown

palm pre teardown

The newly released Palm Pre has been torn down by both Rapid Repair and iFixit. They note the easy to use interface, but the slide out keyboard makes for weird transitions. There’s nothing surprising on the hardware side except capacitive screen and LCD come as a single unit and would have to be replaced together if either fails.

UPDATE: phoneWreck’s analysis

15 thoughts on “Palm Pre Teardown

  1. got mine!!! my WONDERFUL hubby didnt want me there by myself & my 8 yr old did NOT want to get up at 5 am & go, so he went by himself. I was surprised cuz he told me Monday he was soooo sick of hearing me talk about that effin phone!! lol – he got there at 6am there were 2 cars in the lot but nobody in line.
    at 7:30 i told him to go start the line – sure enough a few more people followed. Our BB had 10 & I (technically my husband) was first in line.
    BB rep came out at 9 and gave “line tix” and started the paperwork.
    The first one they tried to activate was defective so sorry to the person who was #10 and didnt get a pre!!
    I got mine and will be playing with it for the rest of the day (at least)!!!! Talk more at see ya there.ab

  2. Palm sucks! Sprint sucks worse. I dropped Palm for ever since they dropped support of the PDAs. One day will happen with this crap. I also dropped Sprint because of the bad service. Constant dropped calls, bad customer service, bad coverage, etc… Lose-Lose situation…

  3. I am with epicelite, even though he was rather rash in his accusations. This is just another *insert buzzword here* phone.

    This year we have seen tons of “smart phones” come out. Even after the Iphone buzz, I have yet to be satisfied by a single smartphone, except for RIM’s blackberrys who have been in the market for many a years.

    I am skeptical, what smartphone manufactures have yet to realise is that “smart phones” are first and foremost are phones; and if they can’t do things that the free razrs and others can do then they fail at the first steps at being a phone [here’s looking at you apple] After they can do basic tasks then you can add on “smart” features.

    Palm lost my support after they stopped making those lovely pdas. Who knows though, this may be the market that brings them back to life. I am exicted to see what they can do with it.

    I’m not even going into how bad certain service providers are.

    -posted from my blackberry curve

  4. I don’t really get the hype about this phone. What can it do that many others before it already can? Is the keyboard easy to type with, seems like it might awkward.

    Sansan you had problems with dropped calls on sprint? I have been with sprint for awhile and couldn’t be happier with the fast data network and hardly ever drop a call. Maybe I’m the exception tho.

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  6. I just need a cell phone that will let me tether over DUN to my Palm TX (meaning as a real bona fide modem, not a LAN). My Verizon RAZR V3m is hobbled beyond reason – cannot even push-pull files using MPT or BitPim, and MobileMaster indicates the V3m is not supported. Not great. My “Bat Belt” remains Palm TX, IR keyboard, Creative Zen Nano Plus 1GB, Verizon RAZR V3m, and a 16GB USB drive running PortableApps. That’s ok in the winter when I have a big jacket, but too much gear for the summer. There’s got to be a way to simplify my setup for less than the 2year cost of a iPhone/Pre/G1…

  7. well i had to go to sprint store 4 times to get a palm pre that really works :( in less than 30 days dont bother to go to call services cuzz the will say go back to the store agin…..nice phone tho but the sirvice is kind crappy in some stores i like my phone but it cuzz to much and pluss that 4times that i had to go to the store ….sprint is a good company im happy with them but not palm is not acceptable to go 4 times to get this phone rigth

  8. I have a love hate relationship with my pre. It certainly has potential, but is lacking in action. I hate that you can’t delete preinstalled apps with out going into developer mode. It is very hacker friendly, but as a stand alone, kind of sucks. Don’t even get me started on available apps…. Who likes nascar any way, kind of strange thing to put on a smart phone.

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