2 Axis Joystick From VCR Parts


[eric] has found that he can build a pretty nice 2 axis joystick out of some VCR parts. Specifically, he’s using the idler wheel. When you disassemble the idler wheel, you’ll find that it has a bevelled washer in the perfect location to help with smooth joystick operation. Add a spring and a hole in some wood and you’ve got the basics. All you need to add now are the switches. This is a fantastic example of recycling parts, you never would have guessed that it was made from trash.

5 thoughts on “2 Axis Joystick From VCR Parts

  1. This seems like kind of a useless hack. I like the idea of salvaging parts, etc., and using the spring… But it’s not that impressive.

    I mean heck, just use a ball peen hammer and a washer and you can get the same effect. Or a piece of HDPE that’s been sanded smooth. Or a piece of metal soldered to a ball bearing.

    But the idea is somewhat inspiring, so it’s not all worthless :P

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