Playing With The PC-PIC II


[Asier] pointed us to this video of his PC-PIC II acting as a peripheral to his EEepc. You can see him playing pong, using it as a musical input, and even a video game controller. This project seems pretty nice, though we would like some more information. We tried digging around in the “projects” area and couldn’t find anything.

10 thoughts on “Playing With The PC-PIC II

  1. 2Addictronics: I had actually removed that sticker few months ago, because i realized how much this NTB endured with me (in that 4 years). It’s my very precious PUNK NTB ;)

    OK, it’s not so cool. SiS GPU gets me angry (since it have no support on Linux), batteries can hold power to keep it operating for about 10 or 20 minutes and DVD-Burner burned himself away a long time ago:

    but i think it should last few more years…

  2. not sure what the big deal here is?

    first, there is no project information. 2nd, it appears to be a simple hid or mouse interface?

    3rd, C is preferrable to asm, especially for demonstrating some technique or method.

  3. Harvie, it looks like the sensor that shows the drive as being closed is not working. The rest of the drive could be fine. It could be a simple fix. Worth a look, I think.

  4. to agent420

    i agree whit the first
    already say the second
    but the 3rd…

    If is making hid whit Asm them i must say congrats, cuz he can get very Hi response times form it (alot more against C#) not that pong needs it ;)

  5. 2rjSampaio: yea response is cool…

    2mike: no wai… drive is totaly fu*ked up. i recorded this clip because it looked bit funny. anyway bad drive can freeze whole windows (because some design error – windows are waiting until inserted disc is recognized successfully – linux is not affected). i think there is problem with laser or optics… i tried several firmware upgrades, but only thing i changed was color of LED light which differs in latest version of firmware ;)

  6. to rjSampaio

    depends on the code – just because something is written in asm does not guarantee it is more efficient than something created from a good c compiler.

    also, hid sampling rate is limited by the os. i believe max is 1ms polling, which should be easily achiveable with c on pic.

    i guess code choice is more personal preference than anything, and if someone wants to work harder with asm then ok. my point was that asm code operation is not as easily communicated as c.

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