Atari 2600 Slim

chriskoopa_2222 (Custom)

[Chris-Koopa] sent in this sweet little throwback to the good ol days of Atari 2600. He had been playing his old unit, lamenting the poor visual quality on his new TV when he had an idea. He picked up an Atari flashback2 and began modding. He added a cartridge slot and made some case modifications to make it look more like the 2600. The final result is that he can switch between the built in games, or play strait off of the cartridges with crisp clean video. There are other methods of doing this, like modding the Atari itself or building a whole new console, but this is pretty sweet too.

6 thoughts on “Atari 2600 Slim

  1. This has been done a couple times, but the best part of the hack is the cartridge slot itself. Thankfuly the flashback 2.0 boards are documented enough(on the board itself) to allow for a cart slot. The orignal switches are better than the FB 2.0 ones since you can’t really tell if they are on or off. Nice to know if you have it set to easy or hard on the difficulties.

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