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Strobit looks like it could be a project to keep an eye on. The entire project is open source, including the hardware. The aim is to build a low cost, low power, wireless enable arduino powered widget. This seems like it could really cut down on the development time of many projects we’ve seen here. Development is still ongoing but it looks like they’ve already implemented some mesh networking similar to the zigbee systems.

[via hackaday flickr pool]

10 thoughts on “Strobit Wireless Widget Project

  1. Forgive me if I’m out-of-date here but what does it do? It seems like it’s more of a crammed-together zigbee and PIC/ATMEL chip board. That doesn’t seem hack-worthy unless they actually use it for something. When they have swarming r/c helicopters using these then I’ll applaud.

  2. Looks to me like it has the potential for being a really interesting platform to build cool random stuff on. If you wanted to control something wirelessly, this would let you focus more on the “something” and less on the “wirelessly” part of the project.

  3. I’d use it to spoof hotspots. The range is bad and it uses protocols too bloated for it’s intended applications.

    I might not know what I’m talking about, but we’ll never know till someone tries to use it for real time control, or even medium range data gathering.

  4. Wouldn’t it be more easy to build something like the AVR Raven with a pluggable interface for sensors ? (like the arduino, but maybe a smaller formfactor like the boarduino)

    The raven already has the software stack to run 6LowPAN, making mesh networking a nobrainer.

  5. Low cost is what cost? Couldnt see any prices on the wireless module. Im keen on creating some wireless power socket control devices with a little relay/triac in them but cant find a cheap enough wireless controller chip…

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