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[Pocket Lucho], the builder of mini arcade cabinets, is back with another build. This time it’s a miniature Neo Geo arcade machine (translated). The build is very compact and neat. He attached the control panel and the PS one display using magnets to make the wiring more accessible. It has video out and second player input too. You’ll find an assembly video embedded below along with a trial run.[youtube=]


20 thoughts on “Neo Geo Mini Arcade

  1. Nice! I was thinking about making a mini arcade cabinet with a mega drive but decided against it after researching more into the psone LCD and finding how only a certain screen from a specific region would work with these machines, didn’t want to risk finding halfway through the build that the LCD I bought would never work (although I could be wrong about the whole region thing).

  2. Those are so well done. It bottles my mind to think they aren’t professional units.

    I would not be surprised if he has already done it but a dreamcast one would be brilliant!

  3. Hi, the problem with the lcd is the 50/60 hz, pal works at 50 hz (slower framerate) and ntsc at 60 hz (the real thing) so… ntsc better. Sony make 2 models instead of one compatible with both regions, other screens maybe doesn´t hace this problem.

    A dreamcast mini… interesting… ;)

  4. @Hockeytree

    …. You mean a Naomi one, right? ;)

    Anywho, a few comments on the whole framerate thing. The MVS board outputs a framerate of 15Khz. I don’t see a supergun in the mix, so I’m assuming that the little LCD supports it.

  5. @pocket_lucho: I’ll take Perfect At Last over Never Twice the Same Colour any day. ;-) Some devices do support PAL 60, though some may assume 60Hz = NTSC and turn black and white.

    Extremely nicely built units, in any case!

  6. MAx, I was thinking the same thing.

    The Dingoo A320 is a versatile piece.

    Heck, you could even break out the controls if you wanted to and bury the whole mess inside the cabinet.

    There is a lot of cool tech to make projects like these possible nowadays.

    Great stuff.

  7. PAL is 50Hz yeah but it also has a higher resolution and more accurate/robust color system compared to NTSC, so to say ‘NTSC is better’ is not quite true, resolution matters.

  8. The problem is that the neogeo mvs works only with the 60 hz screen… in a pal psone screen the image rolls, This screen is interlaced, not progresive, for this reason, I can conect directly the rgb and sync output to the screen, like pal tv, no supergun needed, For this reason, I think the rgb out only works on pal tvs…

    I live in a pal area, but in the 16 bit era, this was a BIG problem, black bars due the extra resolution and slower gameplay for the 10 hz difference, the good thing is that ‘recent’ crt pal tvs accept pal and ntsc without any problem.

    The dingo screen is too small, I prefer using a mini itx pc board, loke you will see soon ;)

  9. wow i didnt think so many people would respond to my random comment.

    Thanks for agreeing

    yeah after i heard it i cant say boggles anymore

    a naomi would be great but DCs are smaller, cheaper, and have way more games. I dont see why it shouldnt be done!

  10. @pocket_lucho

    do you sell these? im from the US and would like to buy one. i used to have a full size neo geo arcade machine in my apartment and this mini one would be amazing!! especially running samurai showdown 2!!

  11. am having neoragex 5.0 on my laptop (windows XP)
    and it was work before a full size resolution, after I formate the laptop the resolution come to small resolution, I think the reason is files with I guss ATI software .. have any one an idea about this.

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