Ipod shuffle remote

DSC02919 (Custom)

[Dennis] points out that the iPod shuffle and the iPod remote are almost identical visually. He decided to combine the two so he always had his remote with him. He pulled the guts out of a remote and mounted them in a shuffle. The remote functions all of the time, while the shuffle only turns on when you insert headphones. We wonder if he accidentally does stuff on his computer while he’s changing songs.

7 thoughts on “Ipod shuffle remote

  1. Very cool use of the identical button layout, though it seems a shame to muck with a clip-shuffle considering how lame the new version is.

    A magnetic reed switch and small neodymium magnet would let you switch on the remote without hacking up the case. If you lost the magnet, just sticking an earbud next to it ought to suffice.

  2. hi,
    considering the remote part is always on… well yeah i do change songs while i change songs on the shuffle … its not to bad since i only use the shuffle when i am outside.. but i am planing on a second version where the remote switches of .. (by plugging in the headphone(but then you wont be able to use it as a remote when charging)) and the shuffle/circle can be toggled with the menu button

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