The Wake Up Machine

PT_2113 (Custom)

Meet the Wakeup Machine.  It is here to ensure that you are up and ready to go when the time comes. This machine will vibrate your bed, remove the sheets, make coffee, play music, even adjust the temperature in the room for optimal wake up experiences. We like the large heavy industrial look of it too, but after looking inside you’ll see it is only a prototype which could be made much smaller with its own pcb. This thing brings back fond memories of Rube Goldberg style alarm clocks from movies such as Pee-wee’s big adventure, Back To The Future, and even Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. You can see some videos of the device on the page as well as download complete plans in pdf format. The did forget one feature though.

[via makezine]

10 thoughts on “The Wake Up Machine

  1. Yes, after hacking away for 40+ straight hours, it can be difficult to wake up. I used a modified wall timer with a heavy relay to turn on a 460w RMS amp hooked up to a speaker stack and a CD player. After jumping 4 feet into the air, I no longer felt like going back to sleep!

  2. I solved the problem by getting a job where I can show up virtually whenever. Much easier than hacked alarm clocks.
    Recommend this course of action highly. You are hackers, this certainly isn’t an impossible stretch in the Tech world!

  3. Hmm… couldn’t a simple wall timer and a surge protector with a switch do the same thing? Plug in a coffee pot maker, an analog radio, and a lamp into the surge protector and it acts the same. Plus it wouldn’t total more then 6 bucks.

  4. I like this project. It’s not that it’s terribly complex to accomplish (or terribly useful), but there’s a lot going on there. I’d definitely say these ME guys learned/demonstrated a lot more knowledge through this project about sensors and actuators than many of my EE/CE friends. Good job!

    As far as not being able to wake up, hell yes it’s a problem! I’ve been struggling with this my whole life. If I’m going to get up before noon, the only thing that will help isn’t technology – it is getting enough sleep. :(

  5. @davidb;

    If you’ve been struggling all your life to wake up before noon, I think your body is trying to tell you something!
    i have a solution. Don’t wake up before noon. you’ll likely be happier and live a lot longer.

    At some point the not insignificant trouble of finding a career job that starts after noon is immensely less stress on your life than fighting to get up early every single day for the rest of it.

  6. I just want a regular alarm clock that looks like that. oh and maybe a crazy progressive code for turning off the alarm. Something that would require some math from me.

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