BlackBerry Storm 2 Teardown


Photos of the BlackBerry Storm 2, both inside and out, have been leaked. Engadget provides us with the specifics, going into detail about the four large piezoelectric pressure sensors that sit underneath the screen. It looks as though the screen will still function as a button, just without the physical movement of the previous model that received mixed reviews. For a better explanation of the technology behind the phone’s innovative screen, here’s a video describing it in more detail and a writeup over at the CrackBerry forums.

4 thoughts on “BlackBerry Storm 2 Teardown

  1. a) Engadget don’t go into any detail.
    b) That video is useless. It doesn’t explain anything.
    c) The crackberry page says the screen *does* move. This means it probably isn’t PZT because that is very rigid.

    My guess is that it’s not piezoeletric at all, but rather some kind of pressure sensor (QTC?) and a vibrator to simulate the ‘click’.

  2. a) Your grammar is atrocious.
    b) The video explains quite a bit. Just because it doesn’t tell you specifics, or prices, doesn’t mean it’s useless.
    c) The screen acts as a button. It might not physically move, but it depresses like a button does. Ergo, it has a Piezo screen.


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