Phasma Insectoid


When we saw the video of the Phasma insectoid robot above, we immediately thought of the iSprawl. After checking out their site, it turns out that the two are connected in some way, we’re not sure how, maybe just inspiration. The Phasma gives us a little more insight into the construction of the bot. The photos are highly detailed so you can see how the drive works, using the sliding cables to extend the “feet”. It seems quite agile in the video. The drive system, working off of a single cam seems like it would be easy to convert to steam. We would love to see that.

[via the pink tentacle]

8 thoughts on “Phasma Insectoid

  1. The sound of this reminds me a lot of the replicators in Stargate. And the cables poking out the front remind me of the antennae on cockroaches.

    Two of me greatest fears, combined. Next thing you know, it will become autonomous and we’ll be fighting for our survival!

  2. @evilncarnate and @tapius – Your arduino hate is a poison on this site. The arduino is very much in the spirit of hacking, and opens many doors. I’d say the arduino is hacking at its finest, right from its inception. So knock it off.

  3. Now add solenoid-style individual piston control for jumping and hopping capabilities, a gyro stabilized camera and a frag grenade self destruct and you have a great weapon for urban warfare. Scout buildings and streets and, if discovered, blow the hell out of the enemy.

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