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With the fresh competition of Bing, we are reminded that search engines haven’t changed much since Google came along. Bing has made some nice advancements, like video previews, but still has a way to go to be truly different than Google. [Long]put together this prototype of a real time search system based off of Bings API. He was inspired by Google Wave which we hope to see soon. Wave is primarily for communication, redefining how email and messaging would work. We can’t help but think that Google probably has some cool stuff in the secret vaults for searching too.  [Long]’s project seems like a decent start, but like the goodtimes.searchengine, we think it needs some work. What happened to the cool video previews? More importantly, why can’t we turn off the parental filter?

5 thoughts on “Real Time Searching

  1. It’s kind of slow when you’re searching for things that aren’t very common.

    I did a search there and a search for the same thing on Google. It took about 2 seconds to find it, but Google reported (0.09 seconds).

    And that’s just for a single word.

  2. @tmh
    beta software built ontop of another service always has to be both bug-free and blazing fast, this i agree on. all kidding aside, i honestly can’t really see any use for this past the novelty.

  3. While ‘useless’, this sort of thing sure makes the iterative searching process faster and easier. Getting a bunch of results about some unrelated product? Just keep typing and add ‘-crap’ etc. Not specific enough? Just keep typing and add some specialization to your original query.

    Seems like a common sense good feature to me, though obviously the implementation could use a bit of work. Surprised GOOG hasn’t done this already TBH.

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