Arduino Powered Singing Table


This musical Lazy Susan, or “Crazy Adam” was brought to us by students from MIT.  It basically plays [Soul II Soul]’s “Back to Life”  as it turns.  In their words: “Through the interaction with the Singing Lazy Susan, we found the eating patterns and behaviors unique to each person, which reflect our personalities and interests. The dining experience expands to a new domain.”  Are we the only ones who think this is silly? Not only is an Arduino overkill for this, how does this help reflect our personalities and interests? We know, someone will say that art doesn’t need to make sense, but  this would just get annoying really fast. Good job coming up with an idea and making it happen. Please don’t bring that to our next office party. It is also worth noting that musical Lazy Susans aren’t exactly a new idea.

23 thoughts on “Arduino Powered Singing Table

  1. Reminds me of when they spin the wheel on The Price Is Right.

    Seriously though, I’d rather starve than endure that awful noise during my meal. Not to mention I’d kick the person who kept spinning the table. As satisfying as the 140db alarm clock.

    Might have more appeal if instead, rotating the table triggered random sound files such as “The cow says MOO”, pure gold there.

  2. You know it’s MIT stuff when it’s a yawner of an idea, simple to implement, and wrapped in a pretentious wrapper of high brow bullshit. Sad when even the top uni’s have to lower their standards so much in order to let even some of the “let no moron behind” publicly educated dolts get in.

  3. Reading MIT tag and seeing video I almost lose all hope in humanity, but then I spot “three people from MIT Media Lab” which translate to -> 3 wasted art majors from art club in basement.

  4. I really like the pseudo-intellectual bullshit they had to tag on to get a govt grant to do this. I guess this counts as social engineering hacking ;P

    On the other hand they are losers for not being able to explain themselves without polysyllabic bullshit. I think maybe it’s time for me to harass these chimps and their entire department heads until someone else pulls the plug on these bullshit artists.
    /jus sayin…

  5. my grandmother always says
    if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.

    seriously, this shouldn’t have the MIT moniker anywhere near it.

    as a Cambridge native, I’ve seen more creative hacks from the burn out street musicians hanging around Harvard Square.

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