Giants Roam Berlin


I can hear the comments now: “Not a hack.” Yeah that might be true, but it’s still enormous puppets running around Berlin – that in its own right is pretty cool. The show, put on by the street theater group Royal De Luxe, is part of the 20th anniversary for the fall of the Berlin Wall. Spectators watched as the Big Giant rose from the water in search of his niece, the Little Giantess. We won’t spoil the ending, but its a happy one. Reminds us of the similar giant marionette group La Machine, and their La Princesse.

27 thoughts on “Giants Roam Berlin

  1. You guys are dumb. They put together a giant marionette with full articulation and then rigged a machine to control it’s every action. This is a hack in every respect. What do you guys consider hacks?

  2. It’s definitely a hack! I was there, saw it, and it was awesome. And they didn’t build a machine to controll the big giant marionette, there was a shitload of crazy French in funny clothes pulling ropes and stuff to move it!

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