Haptic Halluc 2


We can not express the childlike glee that we experienced watching this video. We want so badly to have one of these setups. What you are seeing is a half dome projected cockpit with two haptic controllers in the style of a delta robot. This is controlling the Halluc robot which is a hybrid wheeled octopod. The dome can and has been done at home fairly simply, and we suspect that you guys could come up with some similar delta controllers. So who wants to build one and donate it to hackaday?

[via BotJunkie]

7 thoughts on “Haptic Halluc 2

  1. That is the most beautiful ROV control station I’ve ever seen.

    WOW. -and that BOT? -NICE!

    Makes me want to purr “Probe II SG” out of mothballs every time I see something like this.

  2. I wonder if you build an artificial “net” to scare sharks away. Would be cheaper than the physical things they build in Australia and the like, just several repeater lasers and a bunch of half way mirrors. Anyone has sharks at home to verify?

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