Animatronic Winged Demon Terrorizes Local Garage


Halloween is on its way, and if you’re going to do it right, you’re going to overdo it right. A few days ago we showed you [Jake’s] flying Crank Ghost, the idea is simple and creates lovely motion that is sure to scare some small children. But what if you want people leaving your little shop of horrors needing a new pair of pants? Meet the Animatronic Winged Demon by [Woody]. Very little info is given except for the touch screen controller, the central control system, and his unique use of a modular skeleton, but the project is very impressive none the less. If the demon doesn’t scare you, take a look at the miles of wires needed to control it. Check out a video after the break.

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11 thoughts on “Animatronic Winged Demon Terrorizes Local Garage

  1. are you fucking serious??? all that hardware,wiring,and control systems just to make that thing open it’s wings/arms and throw it’s head back!!

    thats the most wasteful example of overkill i’ve EVER seen.

  2. Wow. Seriously. WOW.

    Some folks would have just sufficed with some lumber and carriage bolts and an old windshield wiper motor.
    This guy built a big scary space station wrapped in a cloak!

    It’s impressive as hell!
    Seems wasted on just Halloween though.
    That thing should be a permanent display somewhere it’s so well made.

    Did I mention wow?

  3. He seems like a resource industry technician who went with what he knows, ’tis overkill but he probably just couldn’t be arsed to learn a programming language. Also, that doesn’t look like any PLC I’ve dealt with, it looks like he built it out of pneumatic and relay logic, so he gets props for just being plain hardcore about it, but he could have saved a damn lot of time and money by learning to program a micro-controller instead of throwing industry grade hardware at it (HMI ffs!).

  4. Hmmm… that’s some heavy duty hardware. Allen Bradley SLC/500 series, looks like 50 I/O with room for 50 more if he’s using 8 bit modules. All 120VAC (pretty common, bad response time though). All output appear to go to 2 and 3 pole relays. Looks like everything’s fused and he’s got a MCR e-stop relay. All in all, fairly solid industrial design, just missing a cabinet. Which also tells me he’s picked these up from system upgrades in the field. That system is probably $15K in hardware, and the AB software to program it all another $5k.

  5. Yeah like Uzra said if you read the haunted forum he is a controls technician & that setup controls 21 animatronics, lights, fog machines, sound and other props. Could have done more action then just extending out and back. Cool though.

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