Improved arm mounted flame thrower

prometheus-flame-thrower[Everett] is at it again with Prometheus, an arm mounted flame thrower.This is the third generation of the project and makes some huge advances over the second generation we saw last year. We’d say he’s reached cinema/stage-performance quality with his design.

The self-contained system is completely arm mounted with a fuel reservoir mounting behind the elbow. The new version adds an adjustable flow valve actuated by a servo motor to regulate the flame size. An arc generator has been incorporated to replace the lighter from the last version. A microcontroller measures wrist angle and takes care of creating the arc and regulating the fuel supply.

Prometheus is small, controllable, and frightening. See a full demonstration as well as some video of the prototyping process after the break. Does this make you wonder how much burn cream [Evertt’s] needed over the years?

Extended demonstration video.

Build log video.

72 thoughts on “Improved arm mounted flame thrower

  1. i made staff from an oak that had a flame thrower.
    i used it for a halloween costume. I got some
    wierd looks walking down the rode but not once did i burn myself with it.used a gas head from a torch lighter at the top to keep from burning the wood

  2. things like this makes me wonder why there already isn’t super hero’s and super villian’s fight battles in the streets of large city’s. GOD WE ARE SO CLOSE!!!!!11

  3. @dave no. this is decompressing the propane / butane so fast, its acualy cooling the mixture down, a flame on his hand wouldent hurt as it would burn before it warms up. that and he didnt…

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