Axe Your Camera (again!)

[Maurice] let us know that his latest photography tool for hackers, the Camera Axe 3.0, is now available. The original allowed you to trigger a high-speed flash and camera from a multitude of sensors, including light and sound. The new one does all that, but also: allows multiple cameras or multiple flashes, clean up of software to make it more user adaptable, and the best (arguably the most important) part – cheaper components! All that and more under the Creative Commons that we do love so much. Keep up the amazingly detailed and just pure awesome work [Maurice].

9 thoughts on “Axe Your Camera (again!)

  1. This project started out good, and as it’s evolved has slowly turned into all kinds of awesome… it’s easily better than any commercially-available tool for photographers who like to experiment.

    It’s amazing how much win you can fit in such a small box. :-)

  2. @transhumanism: We only hate because we’re tired of implementations that involve nothing more than a few blinking LEDs.

    THIS however, is quite useful. I do believe I’ll be building one in the near future. ;)

  3. Thank you folks for the kind words. It good to see that the experts here seem to like it.

    Cmnt8r: Sony, Nikon N2, and Olympus camera cables are planned. I just order parts for these from China so it will be a few weeks.

  4. Wow, I am in the process of building something like this, and its interesting to see how different people approach a problem. I’ve gone the other way and integrated the sensors I want, with an optional external sensor. I am running off a lipo battery with onboard recharging, and I support either IR or direct connect of the camera.

    This is a clean product, and I’ll be sure to do a write up when i get my pcbs from the fab in a few weeks :)

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