Autonomous Turret Wielding Biped Bot


Pay close attention. At roughly 36 seconds we see Asimov’s laws going out the window. We’re pretty sure we saw this little autonomous battle bot take a shot at a human. We can’t tell for sure, but it looked like it enjoyed it too.

This bot is being built by [xdream] to compete in the Mech Warfare section of the Robo Games 2010. His target acquisition system and firing are completely autonomous. We think his motion is controlled by an operator though.

This little fellow may seem harmless enough, until you realize that those servos and guns could be replaced and this “little guy” becomes that “big fella”. That’s not anything the maker suggested, we’re just pointing out that a killer robot is only cute when it’s small.

[via BotJunkie]

32 thoughts on “Autonomous Turret Wielding Biped Bot

  1. Cat detection test… Genius!

    Personally i would a HUD visor with voice activated target acquisition and firing but meh, I’ll settle for cat detection!

    The way he just switches it off and it flops down is brilliant. Almost terminator like in the way it slumps and rests, completely dead.

  2. For the milionth time Asimov’s 3 laws are an example of why such a system can’t be implemented.
    I-Robot is a collection of short stories that show how these laws are a flawed concept.

  3. !!!!!!!!!!

    Hopefully there are some improvements in the target acquisition. I highly suggest checkout out the discussion thread –

    Scroll down the page for an awesome video of the Mech looking pretty in front of the camera. I like the look of the Knight Rider style light, that things got some real personality there.

  4. Am I the only one worried why they chose to target pink things? I mean, it’s just a few steps until our robot overlords revolt and assume their dominance over humanity. First targeting “pink things” then calling us meatbags and before you know it we’ll be their slaves!

  5. That thing is awesome. Give it an IR targeting system, then build yourself an IR targeting laser and you’ve got a real military application there. HUD would also be acceptable, for remote ‘driving’.

    Man,I just wanted to know how babby was formed.

  6. these are good for testing the targeting system, but id perfer something more along the lines of “code geas” as far as the controls.

    were they have a pilot inside the mechwarriors.

    like a car with a key to power on.
    and like a pc with a Password to initialize its actions.

    a terminal and several other remotes inside as well.

  7. Am I the only one to notice that this is fake? Look very carefully at the video and you will see several frames where the pellet comes from a high downward tragectery from behind the robot. Someone off camera was popping the target with an airsoft gun…….lame!

  8. @Rpeach, I dont think that it is fake. You are seeing the ricochet from missed pellets. I saw it too. Sometimes the bot misses and the pellets go off at a 45 degree angle away from the target, not towards it.

  9. I liked the demo quite a bit, and yes was kinda shocked when it shot it’s handler too.

    However the Robot Chicken-esque failure cascade at the end made it all okay at the end.

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