Magic Clock Knows Your Location


Straight out of the fiction of Harry Potter is The Magic Clock. Just like in the novel this clock (is it still a clock even thought it doesnt tell time?) shows the current location of family members, from home to the doctor’s office, even to mortal peril (We hear its nice this time of year).

The clock hands are driven by 4 separate servo motors, which are maintained by an Arduino. The location of family members is updated wirelessly via Twitter. We think a script written for each member’s GPS enabled cell phone might be more trustworthy, but it seems to be working fine currently.

[via Make]

12 thoughts on “Magic Clock Knows Your Location

  1. one of my sister-in-law’s friends needs not know about this. the mother of said friend would enable this to also give current GPS coordinates under an additional pointer labeled “other” so she would know her daughter’s exact location 24/7/365.25 even though she is already a legal adult. The woman is a crazy control freak… very CDO (OCD in alphabetical order) about knowing where and what her daughter is doing.

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