Using An IPhone As A Newton Keyboard


[Jesus Alvarez] sent us this funny little project. If you happen to have an iPhone and an old Apple Newton, you can use the iPhone as a keyboard for the Newton. You can download the schematic from his site to build the wire to connect the two. After that, you have to run an app on your iPhone that you can find once you’ve jailbroken your phone. At that point you are ready to go. Aside from the ability to say you could, we’re not sure why you would do this. It made us chuckle though. Maybe we’re not firing on all synapses though due to turkey overload.

12 thoughts on “Using An IPhone As A Newton Keyboard

  1. The other week I did something similar by logging into my laptop from a Tandy model 200, not as fancy, but still fun though. And quite amazing to see a piece of 25yr old hardware just work.

  2. That project is pretty bad-ass.

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